Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One Opinion of No Meat Week

C. did not enjoy No Meat Week because he wanted to eat chicken. The chicken-less nuggets we got at Trader Joe's just weren't the same.

Additionally, C. wanted me to let everyone know that this is the phone number for Shark Boy City. C. is in charge of Shark Boy City if you want to give him a call.


Marla said...

I don't blame ya. I like a real chicken best. I am proud of you for trying though! I hope the rest of the week goes well!

Liquid said...

Not to worry, those nuggets are not really chicken.

How do I know this?

Well, on a 15 hour driving trip to Miami with my two children, 4 & 6 years old, we stopped at a fast food resturant to get meals that made us "happy". This was on a Monday. The following Wednesday, we packed up to return home. While cleaning out my VW Beetle to reload luggage, children, wipies and stuffed "snuggy buddies", I found underneath my driver seat.....


9 days later....
It did not smell.
It did not change color.
It did not change form.
It did not change visual texture on it's inside.

So, my summation.......


Yup, that was the last time I allowed my children to eat chicken nuggets served through a drive through window.


Angie said...

Liquid - Ew!