Monday, April 21, 2008

Stay Tuned Tomorrow

We have been woefully neglectful of our little blog here lately. Fortunately, we have not been neglecting our duties to try to help preserve our beautiful earth. We continually try to drive the car as little as possible and now that the weather is warming up, this task becomes even easier. We also help to remind one another to conserve electricity and water in our home. We have always recycled in our home, but lately we've become a little fanatic about it. I think the kids ask me before they throw away anything anymore whether or not it's something we can recycle. I'm pleased to realize that they are thinking about things like this. Our big thing this winter has been to reduce the amount of stuff we buy. And if we do need something and can buy it used, we do. We've also worked really hard on refusing to take bags from the stores. We try to remember our reusable bags, but if they're forgotten at home, we just ask for the items to be put in the cart without bags. We've gotten some mighty peculiar looks from cashiers and it's a little more work on our part, but so worth it, especially when your little girl looks at you and says, "Mommy, thanks for not taking their bags. I love you."

So, today is our lovely daughter's birthday. Appropriately born on the eve of Earth Day. She's certainly our little conservationist. We've got some plans to honor Earth Day tomorrow, so stay tuned and we'll let you know what we're up to.

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Liquid said...

Hope you each have a beautiful Earth Day!

Yeah, I'm making plans to plant something (one).

Nahhhhhh, nevermind.......

Enjoy your day!