Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our First Award!

Our friend Marla gave us this lovely award for our efforts to take better care of our planet. Thank you Marla! We appreciate it!


Marla said...

Congrats! Keep us all posted on what you kiddos are working on. We are purchasing our new recycled cotton grocery bags real soon. I am pretty excited!

Casdok said...

Many congratulations!!

Marla said...

Sooooo...what are you kids up to now? I just bought my cloth bags online...recycled cotton! Your posts inspired me. I also was inspired by Casdok's post on plastic bags.

I hope you had fun at the Science fair!

Liquid said...

Wow......Know what I just noticed.....

Your blog is relatively new!

Welcome to Bloggerita-ville!

Great start and I'm gonna link you from my page so I will remember where and to often return!

I love it when this happens!

Have a super day and I look forward to your new posts.